A Sala Llena

Why don’t we like cinema anymore? By Javier Porta Fouz

Online course

Two Lectures of 90 minutes each
The division of cinema as the root of many evils: “art house cinema”, “commercial cinema”,
“popcorn cinema”. The misuse of the term “auteur cinema”.
Between Toy Story 4 and Pedro Costa: the false dichotomies, the prescriptions for the
penitents. A game that will result in zero, zero attendances and zero willingness to go to the
movies ever again.
Pendular answers: Argentina as a place for the excess of reactions. Percentual Records: from
the enthusiasm for the diversity to the disaster of hegemonic domination. The changes in the
way of seeing films. Less movies for larger audiences and even more audiences who are not
even informed of the existence of movies that matter.
The festivals and their eternal fear towards the movies that made us love movies. Where are
the comedies? Where are the diverse emotions?
The homogeneous hints and their risks, or even worst, their damages. The triumph of dubbing
as another proof of the disaster. To produce in diverse forms and not having diverse models
of distribution and exhibition: the dangers of not reaching an audience.
Is there a way out? There is a way out if there are movies that makes us passionate about.
Are those movies out there? They still are, but if we do not see them or look for them, there
will be even less of them.
How is it possible that you did not see these 31 movies?
Here is a list to see one each day, so you have a very happy October.



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