A Sala Llena


A Sala Llena is a website specialized in film criticism.

José Luis De Lorenzo. Director at ASL


Since 2009 we have been in charge of reviewing the premieres of each week, from the Hollywood blockbusters to the most independent films, whether Argentine or foreign. Our premise is based on the plurality of opinions. For this reason, the same film can have more than one criticism; Although all are positive or negative, each one will have a different vision, depending on the editor’s point of view.


We also covered national and international festivals, such as Cannes, New York and San Sebastián, which allowed us to gain even more experience and increasingly reach other parts of the world. We interviewed Argentine and foreign artists, such as Ricardo Darín, Juan José Campanella and Álex de la Iglesia. We cover events, publish dossiers, organize contests. But A Sala Llena is not limited to its virtual nature, since we organize special activities: courses on cinema, taught by professionals of the stature of Ángel Faretta and Hernán Schell, and short series, with live interviews with the directors. Our goal is to keep growing, to achieve more professional achievements, and to provide readers with the best content… to a full house.