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Diego Maté

Diego Maté

Diego Maté

Anatomy of a Fall

Do courtroom dramas still exist? Perhaps one gets made every now and then, but the genre seems to become more …


WILD INNOCENCE Damien Chazelle is a director with ambition, a filmmaker with a world of his own and a strong …

All Quiet on the Western Front

A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES All movies are born free and equal, so it assures the Truffautian principle. Truffaut had a …

Triangle of Sadness

SHIP OF FOOLS Ruben Östlund’s films are less movies than devices destined to produce precise effects, works of engineering that …

Women Talking

Women Talking is the story of a group of women living in 2010 in a Mennonite colony at some nondescript …

The Last of Us

On the first episode of The Last of Us Since the 90’s film adaptations of videogames are being produced on …

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